6 Computer Tables Different Than Your Usual Desk

Computer desks or tables are pretty straight-forward in terms of designs and not a lot of them dare to defy the standards. But some are special and manage to combine style and functionality in really interesting ways.

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Multi layer wood writing deskView in gallery

Buros, for example, is a very simple-looking writing desk. It was designed by Valerie Windeck and is composed of two nesting tables. Together, they let you expand your workspace according to your needs. Buros could serve as a really stylish laptop desk.

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Artmodul is an office desk that could look equally good in a home or in an office. Its simple and modular design allows it to adapt to a variety of environments. The rolling storage unit fits perfectly under the table and can be placed anywhere you want.

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If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant, feast your eyes on this beauty. Korp is wooden writing desk designed in a neoclassical style. It’s the type of desk you expect to see in a home library or one of those old-school home offices. It’s perfect for those that want a bit more elegance and glamor in front of them while working on their computer.

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The Nastro table is a little different too, but in a whole other way. Designed by Pietro Arosio, Nastro is a sectional office desk which allows multiple persons to use it simultaneously while offering each one privacy and their own personal space. It can be used to create numerous custom layouts.

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Albert Design came up with the idea for a wooden desk that would take little floor space while being functional and looking great. That would be the G-650 desk, crafted of oil-finished walnut and with an almost unnoticeable glass undershelf.

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The Cosimo desk is also sleek and space-efficient. It has a clear glass top and two storage drawers on each side. It was designed by architect Marco Zanuso jr and has a dark brown lacquered frame which gives the desk a lightweight look. The desk itself is made of MDF with a red or orange glossy lacquered finish.