Different Styles To Adopt When Decorating Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is a must-have in any living room. It’s the central piece and often the focal point of the room. But simply placing the table there doesn’t mean your work there is done. Most people are having trouble deciding what they should put on the table or if they should put anything on it at all. Well, there are a few different styles and options to choose from.


Glass decor for coffee table
You can have some books placed casually on the coffee table just for décor
Glass decor for coffee table
You can also use other decorations in combination with the books

You could have some books on the coffee table. they could be books you enjoy reading or albums with pictures, paintings, artwork, etc. that your guests could take a look at when they’re visiting. And since we we’re talking about coffee table books, do you remember the idea Kramer had about making a coffee table book about coffee tables? That could be a great choice.


Glass decor for coffee table
You could put some candles on the table but you can also have a chic lamp

If you would rather create a cozy or a romantic atmosphere in the room, you could put some candles on the coffee table. Even when they’re not lit they still make lovely decorations and they help create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in the room. Scented candles would be an even better idea.


Glass decor for coffee table
You can either make the vase or the flowers the star of your coffee table

Of course, there’s also the most popular option: flowers. People like having fresh plants and flowers in their home. They smell beautiful, they add color and they’re so delicate and so fresh. So why not put a beautiful vase on your coffee table and fill it with lovely flowers? It would definitely make that spot a focal point.


Glass decor for coffee table
You can fill the tray with a variety of items, scented objects and decorations

Another beautiful idea would be to have a tray on the coffee table. you can fill that tray will all sorts of beautiful items such as candles, pinecones, leaves if it’s autumn, seasonal decorations, etc. By putting them all in a tray you make it easier to move them somewhere else in case you need the coffee table for something else when guests come over for example.

Decorative objects.

Glass decor for coffee table
You can display on the coffee table an item that would like to let the other admire

If you are not particularly sold on the idea of having books, candles or flowers on your coffee table but you do have an object that you’re attached to and that you would like to display somewhere where everyone can admire it, why not put it on the coffee table? It’s a great place for all sorts of decorative objects.

Decorative bottles.

Glass decor for coffee table
You can combine colors and shapes for a diverse arrangement

You know those chic bottles with all sorts of intricate shapes and colors, made of glass that you see in stores but you can’t figure out what they’re for? Well, two of three bottles like those could make wonderful decorations for your coffee table. They’re not particularly useful but they’re nice to look at.

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