Different styles for the living room lighting

The living room is the central space in a home and the area where people spend most of their time, whether it’s with guests or alone. The atmosphere in the living is very important and it’s often dictated by the lighting. Chandeliers are very common in living room because they have the elegance needed for a stylish décor and they suit well this area that is usually quite large. But other types of lighting can also be beautiful. Here are a few examples:

Traditional living roomView in gallery

A traditional living room with a classical interior décor and subtle modest influences, like in this case, requires a chandelier or pendant light that can stand out without being too eye-catching. This one is perfect as it’s simple, has chic, classical lines and complements the décor beautifully.

Living room lightingView in gallery

This living room, for example, also has a traditional base as its interior design. However, the modern influences are stronger here and the chandelier is maybe the most suggestive piece in this sense. It’s shape is delicate and stylish and both the color and the texture work great with the rest of the décor.

New lighting systemView in gallery

And here’s yet another traditional living room. This one features tray ceiling lighting and this proves that the same type of décor can accommodate several types of lighting. The key is to choose the one that works best for the particular details you have chosen for your living room’s interior design.

Vintage chandelierView in gallery

Very common and popular in traditional living rooms are chandeliers that feature artificial candle shapes placed around a circular structure that’s hanging from the ceiling. This type of chandeliers usually goes low and they work best in rooms with high ceilings. In this living room, the exposed wooden beams add extra charm and look beautiful in combination with this chandelier.

Modern living room lightingView in gallery

We’re now going to take a look at two modern living rooms to see which styles of lighting work best in their case. This living room, for example, features an open floor plan that also includes the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen area is defined by a minimally dropped ceiling with spotlights while the dining area has a stylish pendant lamp hanging above the table.

New touch designView in gallery

In a contemporary living room the classical, traditional chandeliers and pendant lamps are not what the décor needs in order to feel cohesive. In this case, for example, the two minimalist and oversized pendant lights complement the décor perfectly, giving it the spark in needs to stand out.

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