DIDI chair by busk+hertzog

Danish designers busk+hertzog have just created a very simple, very colorful and very modern chair. It’s c hair designed for modern and contemporary homes. It’s very common to see such simple pieces in contemporary homes. The owners prefer to maintain a minimalist style, with simple designs, focusing more on comfort and functionality but not neglecting the fun part.

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The DIDI chair is a very beautiful creation. It has an extremely simple design, with clean lines and friendly shapes. It’s made of high-quality molded foam on a metal frame. The overall image is very clean and modern. The fabrics are optional. The chair comes in vibrant colors. My personal favorite is the green but the orange one is just as beautiful and and-catching. These chairs would make a great addition to any modern or contemporary home.

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The DIDI chair is very easy to clean and to maintain. It’s as functional as it is comfortable. The cushion is very soft and so it the backrest. In fact, the whole piece is soft and cozy because of the foam. It’s actually a child-safe piece of furniture and it could be easily integrate in a kid’s room. The dimensions of the DIDI chair are 72 x 40 x 70 cm. It’s a very friendly collection, appropriate for all ages.