Determine Your Decorating Style

Would you say you have a personal style you like to approach when decorating your home? Is it one of the basic style or is it a combination of several of them? It takes a while for a person to determine this. First you need to know what characterizes each style and then you can figure out your favorite one.


Retro interior design

This is a style defined by clean, light-filled spaces and open floor plans with minimal furnishings and a well-organized décor. Everything has a purpose and there are no unnecessary elements.


Retro interior design

An eclectic interior design is more personal. It includes a variety of furnishings, fabrics, finishes and diverse elements from different periods of time and countries. It’s an amalgam of features where you can include whatever you like.

Casual chic.

Retro interior design

As the term suggests, this style is both casual and chic. It uses soft, warm fabrics, wood furnishings and cozy and comfortable seats. It’s also characterized by the use of decorations such as wall art, candles and family photos.


Retro interior design

Someone who enjoys to travel and visit the world would find this style very interesting. It’s all about decorating with a world flair, including pieces from different countries and cultures and accessories and artwork designed to take you across the globe.


Retro interior design

This is style that’s not really assigned to any one decade. It usually includes all sorts of finds such as lava lamps, chrome chairs and items that usually have a story behind them.