Removable “Green” Kitchen Sink

If you live in Europe or America you won’t feel the water shortage, so you won’t feel the need to save water. But if you live in Australia for example or most parts of Africa, you will certainly know how important it is to use water wisely, as you never know when you will be able to use some fresh water again. So you realize it’s better for you to go “green” and use and re-use all sources that you have, among which the most important is water. This dry climate of Australia inspired the designer of this project to make up the plan for a sink that can collect the water you use in the kitchen and normally dump on the drain.

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This is a portable lightweight sink, but you can also use it by placing it into any normal kitchen sink and then take it out together with the water you used to clean the dishes. Then you can use that same water to clean your car or do something else. This way you will re-use the water you have, without any waste. Do not throw the water where washed the vegetables for the soup, but throw it into your garden and water the carrots there. You can clean it and re-use it any time you want to and you can now order it online, too , for just $25.

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