Desk with base in polished inox and top in black Tamo wood

We all know it’s hard to separate work from home. But sometimes you don’t need or don’t want to do that. Many people like to work at home and they enjoy having a home office. But whether you have a separate room or only a small corner in your bedroom, you definitely need a desk.

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This particular desk is suitable for all kinds of spaces. It’s something you can easily include in the bedroom or in the office. The desk has a very simple design with minimalist lines and no unnecessary details. It has plenty of storage included and a compact and simple shape. The desk features a polished inox base and a top made from black painted wood. The overall dimensions of this functional piece of furniture are 51.15″ (closed) x 24″ x 31″H.

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The metal and wood combination is a common mix and it’s something that solves several problems. The resulting piece is durable and strong but it’s also elegant and beautiful thanks to the warmth and character that the wood adds. The desk seems very simple. However, it has a surprise hidden inside. The top slides open and reveals a series of hidden compartments for storage. This allows the desk to maintain its compact look while also being functional and practical. It’s a particularly great choice for small spaces. It has a simple and professional look but it’s also chic and stylish.The price it’s available on request.