5 Fun Themes That Turn Kids’ Bedrooms Into Wonderlands

Kids’ imagination is wild and spectacular and they need stimulating environments that allows them to use this imagination and to put their creativity to good use. Using a fun theme when designing their rooms is a great idea. We’ve selected five inspiring themes you might like to take a look at.

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The first one is a design inspired by the Secret Chronicles of Narnia. Two adjacent rooms or two separate areas in a room are connected through a closet with a secret door inside. The opening is only big enough for a kid to fit through, making this a lot more fun and special.

A house that has an attic or two floors could include a secret treehouse room for the kids to play in. it’s actually just an opening in the ceiling of one room and the floor of another that allows kids to climb a ladder and access their playroom. The fun part is the painted tree that actually makes this look like a secret treehouse.

If your kids like fairytales, give them a fairytale room. You can decorate it with all sorts of interesting things like a floor lamp shaped like a giant flower, a bed that looks like a bird’s nest, tiny rugs that look like lilypads and lots of other great things.

Since most little girls like princesses, perhaps your would enjoy having a princess bedroom, with a carriage bed or a canopy bed, beautiful curtains and cute vintage furniture and accessories. It’s all in the details.

For boys, racetrack-themed bedrooms probably seem a lot more interesting. You can design the room with a race car bed, decorate it with flags and circulation signs and give it a themed color palette. Not everything has to be themed as long as there are enough special features in the décor.