Design Tips: Patterns and Prints

One of the easiest ways to make a big change in a room and give it some personality is to incorporate patterns and prints. Playing with pattern is always lots of fun, and even for the first-time home decorator is a simple way to vamp up any space and give it a whole new look. The most important thing is recognizing how to use patterns and prints properly, without making the space feel too busy and overwhelmed.


Huge dramatic headboardView in gallery

One of the best places to go bold with pattern is the bedroom. Don’t overdo it, and rather choose a single focal point to add pattern to. A King-sized bed with a huge, dramatic headboard covered in an interesting pattern makes a bold statement in all the right ways. Use wallpaper over the headboard, or fabric with a fun print, to transform your room and make the headboard a stunning graphic focal point.


Kitchen wallapperView in gallery

In the kitchen, there tends to be a lot of available wall space. This is the perfect place to focus your pattern addition. Choose a focal wall and cover it with patterned wallpaper or even just a textured paint. This creates depth and interest, while still conserving the streamlined, tidy appearance and not making things cluttered and busy.

Dining Room.

Dining room candView in gallery

In the dining room, focus on the draperies or table accessories with bold patterns as highly practical, stylish ways to play with pattern. Even something as seemingly small as a patterned vase or candelabra, is just enough to bring playful pattern into the design of the room.

Living Room.

Living room softView in gallery

The living room is one of the most commonly used rooms in the home, so play with pattern carefully. If you choose a patterned couch and loveseat, keep the rest of the colors in the room soft and neutral. Add a piece of artwork with a checkered or striped design in bold colors on the wall as a focal point, or even just some throw pillows or  a timeless damask chair in rich colors of chocolate brown and burgundy for a lush, luxurious feel.


Colorful bathroom rugView in gallery

To add pattern in your bathroom design, choose a small patterned focal rug for under the sink, or a shower curtain in a bold, fun print. For a really playful look, add an unexpected look with patterned wallpaper on the ceiling.

Playing with patterns and prints can be fun and very successful, with these tips in mind. Whether you decide to incorporate patterns in the living room, dining room, kitchen, or any other space, these strategies will help you incorporate pattern and make the right changes, with just the right amount of pattern in just the right places.{picture source:1,2,3,4 and 5}.