Small Apartment Doubles As A Design Studio And Playground

Managing to turn a small apartment into a comfortable living space is difficult enough so you can only imagine how much more challenging it all becomes when that space also needs to double as a work area/ studio. But even so, it’s all possible and there are several inspiring example that can confirm this.


One of them is an apartment in Poznan, Poland that was designed by mode:lina architekci, a team of professionals focused on the client’s needs more than on anything else. For them, every project starts with a research period during which they learn a lot about the clients, the way they live and their unique needs and preferences.


The result every time is a design that lasts and that’s specifically tailored to suit each client. The design is always inspired by the client’s lifestyle. In this particular case, the client was Maciej Kawecki, the owner of Brandburg studio. He wanted this apartment to be both his home and workplace.


The project was challenge because of the apartment’s reduced size: only 37 square meters (398 sq ft). However, after the whole process, it doesn’t look or feel small or cluttered. The project was completed in August 2016. The apartment had to include all the functions of a comfortable home and to also serve as an attractive space for bustiness meetings and creative workshops. There was also another, more specific request: a hiding space for the client’s kid where he could play and feel safe.


One of the key features in the apartment is a large box-like volume which contains and hides the kitchen, bedroom, office and hiding room. The kitchen differentiates itself from the rest of the box through color. The black makes it stand out and contrast with the light wood panels.


The box also incorporates the desk which is also black, matching the kitchen. A really interesting feature is the mobile unit hidden behind the desk. It can be removed and repositioned anywhere in the apartment. When this unit is removed, it reveals the hiding room which has storage for toys.


The desk has a platform on top and that’s where the bed is situated. It can be accessed via a ladder attached to the desk and bed frames. /between the desk and the kitchen there’s a divider that separates the two zones.


The rest of the apartment is an open space. In front of the desk there’s a small sofa for two with a sleek and simple design. Directly across from it is a large dining table. It has a simple design with a wooden top and metal frame and it has wheels so it can be moved around with it. When not needed as a dining table it can serve as a desk or meeting table.


The décor is completed by an interesting wall-mounted bike rack which could easily double as a sculpture when not in use. It allows the owner to save space while also serving as an interesting décor element for the space together with the framed wall art and the guitar displayed on the wall behind the sofa.