Design Musts for When You Move into a New Home

As soon as you move into your new place, there are some things you should put on your Priorities List to get settled. Here are some tips to make your new house a home.

Give it a Good Clean.

Lighting over the table
Make it Sparkle

Cleaning your new place is the first thing you should do so that you feel you are entering a sparkly new abode. It’s a great way to help you feel more at home, plus it gives you a chance to identify what changes you wish to make in your home from a décor point of view.

Fresh Coat of Paint.

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Paint is Highly Effective

The quickest way to make a new house feel like home? Give it a fresh coat of paint. When choosing a color for a room, consider the light that enters it. A dark room should be uplifted with a light color, while a brighter one can handle darker tones. You could keep the trim color white for an interesting touch.

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Pops of Contrasting Color

You don’t have to commit to a bold color. Use more than one shade in the same room. An accent wall comes in handy if you want a burst of contrasting color without it affecting the entire room.

Add Light to Dark Areas.

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Illuminate Your Space

Mirrors come in handy when creating light in areas of your home as they can reflect more of it and make a space appear much larger.

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Bring Extra Light

Placing a lamp or light fixture in a dark room or staircase can instantly help to perk it up.

Attack the Bedroom First.

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The Bedroom is One of the Most Important Rooms to Decorate

It’s where you spend a large amount of relaxing time, so concentrate on adding décor to your bedroom before tackling the others. Because bedrooms are associated with downtime, focus on your window treatments. If you wake up early, consider lightly colored window treatments that do not block out too much of the sun. If you prefer to start your mornings later, it could be a better idea to opt for darker tones and better coverage on your windows.

Bring Texture Home.

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Give it Feeling

Texture should involve items and fabrics that look good enough to touch. Texture is an important part of decorating in a new home. Add some fuzzy cushions to warm up a living room or choose textured wallpaper for an easy way to spice up your walls.

Study Your Storage.

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Find Creative Ways to Store Items

The feeling of having loads of your belongings to unpack when you move into a new home can be overwhelming, but kill two birds with one stone by organizing some storage space as soon as you move in. This can include interesting areas in the home, such as an indented wall the bathroom that becomes the perfect spot for a bookcase.

Avoid Matching Sets.

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Choose Singles

When you move into a new home you might have the urge to place furniture immediately. When doing this, you could discover that you are missing some crucial items that you need or you feel that your old furniture is not living up to your new space. Resist the urge to purchase sets of furniture, such as matching sofas or nightstands. Contrast in a space is important and can create a beautiful result.

Place Small Décor items on a Low Surface.

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Bear Proportion in Mind

Small pieces of décor, such as framed photographs, might look odd on a large, bare wall, especially if you don’t have many things to hang in your new home. A better idea is to place smaller items on low surfaces, such as an end-table or even small dining table. Here they come alive, invigorating your home with personality.

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