How To Have a Tropical, Island-Themed Bedroom At Home

Being far away on a lush tropical island, relaxing is something we all dream of every once in a while. So what if instead of daydreaming you bring all that beauty into your home? Redesign your bedroom and give it a tropical island-inspired look. It’s not that difficult.

Canopy bed can change the entire look of the bedroomView in gallery

A canopy bed has the ability to dramatically change the décor and the ambiance of the entire bedroom. In some cases, a canopy bed can be used to offer the room a tropical and exotic look. Use it in combination with other suggestive elements for the desired result.

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The type of fabric used in the décor of a room can also dictate the style and the overall appearance. A few great choice when you’re trying to create a tropical look include burlap, silk and satin. The bedroom is particularly important to don’t hesitate to invest more in this element.

Asian infusion for the bedroomView in gallery

Another important aspect is the color palette. A few inspired choices include shades of turquoise, yellow, orange but also brown. These can be combined in numerous different ways and can be used in combination with a variety of other colors.

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Of course, the views make up most of the décor in some cases. So if your bedroom is overlooking the ocean, for example, just keep the interior décor simple and let the views do the work for you.

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You can enhance those extraordinary views with a few other strategically placed elements such as a mirror, an indoor tropical plant or a comfortable chaise lounge out on the patio if this is possible. And don’t cover up the windows or glass walls.

Bedroom that open to poolView in gallery

And even if the views aren’t necessarily extraordinary you can still make the most of them. Once nice example can be a bedroom that opens onto the pool or a lake. It may not be the ocean but it’s close enough.

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Sometimes simplicity is the key to a successful décor. So, for example, if the bedroom is small, use that to your advantage and create a cozy ambiance but use simple colors such as white or pale blue. Mix it up with a few more vibrant tones just to draw attention to a few particular features.

Romantic canopy bedroomView in gallery

Those beautiful tropical island retreats often feature those textured, organic roofs that make the whole space look so authentic. Perhaps you can recreate that look in your bedroom. It may not be an identical design but it would definitely set the right mood.

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Use the right accessories. For example, you can highlight a certain style through your choice of accent pillows, framed wall art, ceiling fan, curtains or shelf decorations. But don’t exaggerate. A few subtle hints should be enough.

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Create a romantic atmosphere through lighting. Use sconces, candles, dimmer switches and lamps. Just look how beautiful this exotic bedroom is. Sure, the views help but the choice of materials and colors also play an important role.

Windows treatment for the bedroomView in gallery

Your choice of window treatments also matters. To create a tropical and bohemian look in the bedroom you can opt for sheer curtains or for bamboo shades. Use these in combination with other elements designed to create an authentic look.

Sliding bedroom doorsView in gallery

Sliding doors that reveal a beautiful patio or, even better, fantastic views are a wonderful feature. Not only that they look so casual, chic and stylish but they also connect the room to the amazing outdoors.

High ceiling organic bedroom decorView in gallery

A high ceiling and a simple, fresh but organic color palette can offer you the desired result. For example, try a white and brown combination. You can also add a selection of tropical plants to the décor for a fresh touch.

Green tropical bedroom decorView in gallery

Using a mixture of vibrant colors including green, turquoise and yellow can also be a strategy. A white backdrop would make them look even better.