Modern Apartment Design Focused On Flexibility And Modularity

The Levent apartment is situated in a very old building from Istanbul, Turkey. In 2016 it’s been renovated by COA Mimarlik. Its 78 square meter surface wasn’t totally reconfigured although some important changes were made. The most notable of them is the design and structure of the hallway which used to be dark and gloomy.

Kiev Levent apartment sectional sofa
The apartment features an open floor plan with the seating area at the center
Kiev Levent apartment living and dining areas
The space behind the sofa serves as a dining area

In order to make the hallway more bright and welcoming, the designers chose to demolish part of the wall that separated it from the rest of the apartment. This way they ensured that natural light flows through the entire apartment.

Kiev Levent apartment flexible Tv unit
The TV wall unit is highly flexible and can be easily reconfigured in lots of different ways
Kiev Levent apartment flexible shelves
Wooden rods can be inserted into the board to customize the design as needed

The key to a good and suitable interior design is understanding the lifestyle and needs of those living in the space in order to come up with a concept that truly fits them. That’s what happened in this case. The designers made the necessary modifications to the floor plan in order to offer their clients the modern and vibrant home they desired.

Kiev Levent apartment hallway
The hallway used to be a dark space but it\s been transformed to receive more natural light
Kiev Levent apartment dining table and chairs
The dining room features a really interesting decor, with a world map carved into the wall panels

The original floor plan featured an apartment that looked and felt small despite the size and that was mostly due to the presence of all the doors and the long hallway that divided the apartment into small compartments. The new layout is a lot more open and also brighter.

Kiev Levent apartment dining area wall map
The fact that each chair at the dining table has a unique design gives this space a lot of character
Kiev Levent apartment kitchen area
The kitchen is a separate space with a long and narrow layout and a U-shaped counter

Because the building was very old, new electricity and drain systems had to be installed. Also, some walls were demolished to obtain the new look. The light entering through the windows can now be enjoyed in all of the apartment. Furthermore, a flexible and modular design was used for most of the furniture. The living room, for example, features a system of wooden rods which can be inserted into various holes to create a shelving and hanging system. Actually, the only fixed elements are the bottom cabinet and the vertical white frame.

Kiev Levent apartment home office
The interior design of the home office has a graphical look, featuring a geometric theme
Kiev Levent apartment white and yellow shelves
A combination of white and yellow was chosen for the wall unit in the office

All the doors except for those of the bedroom and the bathroom were removed and an open floor plan was created. In links the kitchen, dining area, living space and even the home office, even though some of these spaces are semi-private and defined by walls. Each room has a specific palette of colors. The living room has blue accents, the office is decorated in black and yellow and the bedroom has green details.

Kiev Levent apartment zen deck area
Underneath the desk there’s a strip of pebbles that creates this zen and relaxing ambiance