How to Design with Filtered Light

Filtered light has become a décor trend and it makes sense because it is such a great lighting idea. Filtered light helps to create a warmer ambiance that is rich with emotion. Here is how to use filtered light in your home.

Create Ambiance.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Bright and Bold Light Invigorates a Room

One of the best things about light that filters into your home is that it can create a warm atmosphere which makes you feel you are outside. Take advantage of a bright, sunny room with transparent curtains that provide the perfect background to décor and touches of nature.

Give Objects Emotion with Draped Fabrics.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Use Fabric to Filter Light

Sometimes you don’t want bright, harsh lighting. With the use of fabric to cover light fixtures, you can create a more soothing light. This is an easy décor trick that also gives a unique touch of flair to your ceilings. Choose fabric that is semi-transparent to let some light through.

Soft Touch.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Stained Glass Windows Bring Colorful Patterns of Light

Antique stained glass windows are always in fashion and they give your room a wonderful haze, while adding color to your décor easily. Install stained glass on windows that receive a lot of light for the best effect.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Ceilings with Personality

You can also place stained glass on your ceilings for an extra burst of color and pattern.

Double-Duty Window Treatments.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Choose Blinds and Drapes

You might think you have to choose shades or curtains, not both, but that is a design myth. By teaming up your Roman (or other) blinds with light fabric drapes, you get the best of both worlds: controlling the light that enters through the blinds and filtering it through the curtains. This gives the room misty, comforting appeal.

Shade in Style.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Don’t Let Window Treatments Take Over

If you only want to use shades on your large, decadent curtains, a good idea is to opt for woven shades that are automated. These let filtered light into your home while giving you control over how much light you allow entry with the touch of a button. They also don’t get in the way of the sprawling sight of sky from your large windows at night.

Screen it.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Choose a Screen for Light Filtering and a View

A screen does not only separate rooms, but they can also become an abstract wall. Ones that appear translucent are perfect for windows because they let some light in while giving your windows a creative treatment. You can find some great ones that look like art installations but do not have to cost a lot of money.

Bricks of Glass.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Structured Glass is a Great Light Filterer

Glass bricks also work well when it comes to creating filtered light. They are perfect for corners in your home that lack sufficient light. Even if they do not let large amounts of light inside, they reflect light, creating a dazzling and sophisticated effect.

Frost the Glass.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Blur the Light

Frosted glass is commonly used in bathrooms, especially if you want a bit of privacy without losing out on the beauty of large windows. Not all your glass has to be frosted; use this technique for glass windows that are in direct light. This creates an interesting, blurry and soothing light in the bathroom.

Complete the Look with Texture.

White bedroom white curtains for window
Filtered Light is Most Effective when Décor Matches it

The use of textures in the room can help to solidify the glow in a room, so make sure the décor you choose supplements the light. This creates an overall feeling. For instance, you could team sheer curtains with shiny metallic accessories and the use of décor items that are three-dimensional, such as tree branches used as ornaments. Cool colors such as soft blues and greys also work to create a glow.

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