Design a Glamorous Indian Living Space

The jewel tones and elegant textures of Indian décor are becoming a hot trend around the world. Here are easy ways to achieve this magnificence.

Think Energy!

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Bright and Beautiful

Indian-inspired décor is about having positive energy in your home and an abundance of color! So focus on choosing upholstery and décor accessories that make you feel good when you look at them and that are in bright shades. In the above picture it is evident how strong, happy colors such as shades of orange or coral can create magic.

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Contrasting Colors can Work

Don’t be afraid to mix colors. Think teal and purple, or orange and red. Instead of matching every color with white, think about replacing the latter with a bright shade. Two saturated colors can work together, so experiment with them and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Wooden Furniture.

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Wood is an Important Style Element

Wooden furniture is a big part of traditional décor, so install a few wooden accessories, statues, and furniture to the room. This creates a comforting, warm backsplash to the bursts of color. Wood pieces that also contain designs are a bonus to achieving the look in your living space.

Open the Door to a Beautiful Home.

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Rustic Front Door in Designed Wood

Make a grand entrance by installing a beautiful door that contains Indian designs or patterns. This is the first thing your guests will see when they come to your home, so ensure it looks stylish and sophisticated.

Exotic Lighting.

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Fashionable and Interesting Lanterns

An easy way to infuse Indian décor into your home is with your lighting accessories and fixtures. Hanging lanterns are especially great for creating a mystical, magical feeling in your home.

Add a Bit of Luxury.

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Gold Trimmings and Strong Colors Create a Luxurious Effect

In the bathroom, colorful mosaic or tiling is an excellent choice to create a sense of luxury. Color-rich shades, such as turquoise, can also be brought into the mix. The bathroom is one of the best places to add some luxury. Shower or bath times are usually designed around the idea of the bathroom being a refuge in the home.

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