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Modern furniture with pieces that are too realistic makes the architecture unique in features. Some of the shadings as well as effects on the images are highly striking in nature. All by Moscow based Denis Chigidin Designer. The Russian designer is known both for designing furniture, but also for its interior design projects. What is most remarkable about him as a professional is the fact that he constantly surprises us with his work and does not get stuck in its own style, unable to get free of it and using only a certain style and characteristic. He is mature enough to design new pieces of furniture that will match the interior they were designed for perfectly, but that do not look like the rest of his works at all. For example he can design vividly coloured and shocking chairs and tables and, a few weeks later, when he is involved in another project, to design the delicate arcades and glass walls combined with small white stripes and wooden pieces of sculpture like that moose head. The room with a lot of light coloured wood ceiling and floor asked for a delicate design, so he created the beautiful and stunning hanging lamp that looks like a bunch of white trumpets glued into a giant sphere. But these are just a few of his projects and you can see more of them if you follow the link.

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