Deltana Magnetic Dome Door Stop and Catch

Doors are meant to separate the rooms in the house, but this only happens if you close them behind you. However, most homes have small children around, so doors are considered a great enemy for them and they must be left open. Or at least this is what small children think because it’s so fun exploring new places and wandering around the house. But handles are very uncomfortable for children, so they prefer smashing the doors open. Well, so what if the doors knock the wall afterwards? This is not their problem. But adults will just hate it and will try to solve the problem. This is how the Deltana Magnetic Dome Door Stop and Catch was invented.

Del dsm125u10bWhat’s the most important feature of this stopper is the fact that it is magnetic. This way the door will be opened and stay like that because the powerful magnet inside will keep it open until somebody thinks otherwise and pushes the door in order to close it. The designer of this stopper proved a very creative person and though of all the details, so he added a spring inside it that will absorb the shock of the door. This stopper is made of solid brass and has a Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. You can now purchase it for just $22.88.