Delicious Petit Beurre cushion

Everybody knows those little biscuits called Petit Beurre. It’s a wide spread variety and they are usually appreciated by little children that like to eat them with milk or tea. They are very delicious and everyone has at least heard of them. So this cushion will look very familiar to you.

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It’s a cushion shapes like a Petit Beurre biscuit. It’s a very clever idea because the biscuit is already rectangular and has a simple design, so turning it into a cushion is not that hard. As you can see for yourself from the picture, it’s a very cute and funny cushion that reproduces very accurately the biscuit. In fact, it looks as delicious as the biscuit itself.

It would be a very good choice for modern or contemporary homes, for those who like to incorporate funny and interesting pieces in their interior décor. I can even imagine the living room and a simple sofa filled with a bunch of biscuit cushions. It’s one of the funniest images you could create in your living room. This cushion can be found on Maxi Glob blog. So if you like it, you should just go ahead and purchase one or many two or three of them. It’s a very versatile cushion. The unusual design makes it perfect for living rooms but also bedroom and especially kids’ rooms.