Delicate Zoie Planter by Helen Kontouris

Named after the Greek “Zoê “, meaning “life”, this planter is an homage to nature and all its living things. Created by Australian designer Helen Kontouris, the Zoie planter has a very graceful and delicate design. It’s a versatile piece as it can be used both indoors and outdoor, as long as it’s in a protected area.

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The planter has a modern look and a somewhat abstract design. It features delicate curved lines and an overall graceful figure. It’s a very nice combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. It only comes in white but in this case it’s not an inconvenient. The neutral white colors allows the plant to show its true beauty, capturing all the attention. Furthermore, since the color is not an important aspect, the actual design becomes more eye-catching. The planter is designed to accommodate small plants. However, this is the only restriction that the piece imposes. You can feel free to choose any plant you want. Just be sure to take good care of it.

Zoie 180710 01 630x552View in gallery

Zoie 180710 01 630x552

Because of its simple design and graceful shape, the Zoie planter can be incorporated in almost any kind of décor. It would look best in a modern environment but don’t let this remark influence your decisions. Place it inside to add some color and freshness to your home or outside where it can adapt to the environment. Just make sure it’s in a protected area.