Delicate and Feminine Design Dressing Room Furniture from Eden

Every lady likes to admire herself and most of all to be admired by others. That is why she spends many hours in front of a huge mirror or in her dressing room. She pays attention to every detail that affects her image from make-up to clothes and accessories.

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This is a way of showing her respect to her own person and to the others.Eden is prepared to help you in case you are such a lady and you would like that your dressing room gets the same respect and beautiful image. It proposes you a set of furniture which was inspired by nature.

Every piece of furniture, like the mirrors, the coat hanger or the powder table has an artistic design based on a tree branch pattern. All the elements underline the idea if delicacy, innocence or purity as they are all painted in white.It is a type of furniture which expresses sensitivity and freshness.