Beautiful Designs That Help Define Fascinating Design

A lot of things can be fascinating in a lot of different ways. This is a term we use to describe things we find extremely interesting or captivating. In order to define fascinating, we need to visualize such elements. A lot of designs can be fascinating, each in their own unique way. Whether it’s a lamp, a chair, a sink or a table, certain details in its design can make it stand out and become interesting on a whole new level. These are the things we’re interested in.

Galaxy dome lightingView in gallery

The Galaxy Dome lamp may not stand out very much considering its simple construction but it’s this simplicity and the way in which the little details take over the design that turn this piece into a fascinating accessory for the home. The lamp is composed of a vintage glass dome that holds string lights which look like clusters of stars from a distance.

SILENZIO sink from antonio lupiView in gallery

SILENZIO sink from antonio lupi designView in gallery

Using the term fascinating to describe a sink or a washbasin is not something we do often. Howevere, the Silenzio sink designed by Domenico de Palo for Antoniolupi is an exception. Its sleekand fluid design allows it to perfectly integrate in the wall, merging with it. This is a sink that redefines bathroom interior design as we know it, giving it a sophisticated and refined allure. With or without the accent LED lighting, this sink stands out every single time.

Laguna wood sinkView in gallery

Laguna Pure is an exclusive series of bathroom furniture from a Legna plays with understated modern designs and simple shapes to bring individuality to every bathroom. The washbasins and vanities stand out thanks to their sleek, fluid and exquisite designs. The designs are ingenious but also simple and subtle, their beauty also coming from the choice of materials and finishes.

Enrica Giovine Vases from semi-precious stonesView in gallery

After a long period of research and experimentation, Enrica Giovine, an art school graduate, started working with glass, crystal, gold and silver powder and semi-precious stones. The result of this intense process was a set of unique glass vases called Meteors. They are created by hand using a technique developed by the artist herself. Her study of shapes, transparencies and opacities and materials such as the ones already mentioned was at the base of these unique creations.

champs elysees chandelier clear crystalView in gallery

Often called the most beautiful Avenue in the world, the Champs-Elysees boulevard inspired a lot of wonderful creations, including this amazing chandelier. The finely veined leaves are reminiscent of the trees on this poetic avenue, allowing the light to shine through the crystal and making each piece unique. The chandelier has three tiers, clear crystal leaves and a chrome finish, although several other combinations are available.

Newtone console in white and goldView in gallery

Entirely composed of metallic spheres and semi spheres, the Newton console table impresses with its strong sculptural design and the simplicity behind it. The spheres are joined together in an apparently random fashion, resulting in an overall futuristic design. The design is similar to that of the Newton dining table. You can find both these pieces with either a white or a black finish mixed with golden elements.

River rock clssic sinkView in gallery

Bring the beauty of nature into your bathroom with one of these amazing river stone washbasins. Its exotic charm will gives it a unique character. Just like anything made of wood, these stone sinks capture all the irregularities and attributes they’re made of and take advantage of them. Their unique shapes and textures are more than beautiful. They’re, as Spock might say, fascinating. So enjoy the spa-like ambiance that these washbasins create and pair them with your other favorite materials.{found on spa-ambiente}.

JEFF ZIMMERMAN Rand Co Wall ScultpureView in gallery

Sculptures are often misunderstood. They don’t belong in museums only and they’re not all old and epic. Modern sculptures can serve a role similar to a painting inside a home, office or any other space. A good example is the “Splash” sculpture created by Jeff Zimmerman. It’s a wall-hung piece made of 20 pieces of silver mirrored hand-blown glass. Each of these elements is unique and different and each composition is exquisite in its own way.

Casa-Canova-T-shirt-tabletopView in gallery

This is a table like no other. Its surface may seem like a disturbed body of water but only until you get close enough to see that it’s actually a collection of T-shirts and jeans. This is the creation of Sean Knibb who was inspired by the work of 18th century sculptor Antonio Canova, known for his creative and dynamic use of fabrics in his work. The table has a wooden base and a marble top. It takes two sculptors around 700 hours to carve one of these things.

Superheroes CappelliniView in gallery

These Superheroes are a set of stools/ ottomans with different shapes and sizes. The large one is actually multifunctional and can also be used as a coffee table. They both have metal frames covered with tubing that has threads rolled around it. They’re the creation of Glimpt Studio and the inspiration for this series came as a result of a trip to Vietnam where various techniques, artisans and materials were analyzed.