Decorative pottery

We have all learned in the History classes that ancient people used clay to obtain the smaller or bigger pots  needed for storing water, wine, grains and other things like that. In time they were replaced by  more and more modern plates and pots, cups and other similar items that are now made on the industrial scale, so in very big numbers in a factory where everything is automatic and the production is impressive. However, some people still use pottery, either for functional purposes or for decorating their homes.

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Let’ s take pottery vases that are amazing and you can admire them for a long time. You can buy them online or at the market or at some specialized shops, too. For example this black and white vase is perfect to be used for the flowers if it is in a modern room or a totally dull room and it will change the overall perception in a glimpse of an eye.

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Apart for vases and flower pots, which are totally functional, but which can also be pretty nice looking, you can also use some other decorative objects made of clay like stylized candle-holders, ash-trays or other decorative objects. Then there are the fruit bowls that you can buy at the fair or in a garage sale and which can be pretty nice-looking if you are lucky enough, but they can also end up crossing the line and being kitch.

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However, if you make sure the pottery decorative objects are absolutely genuine – like these traditional Peruvian plates, you will get a wonderful effect on the design of the room and house. Just make sure this is only the starting point in decorating a room and you will build the rest of the interior design on this central piece as inspiration.