Decorative Plastic Bricks with Built-In Solar Lights

I like spending time outdoors, especially in the garden when it’s warm outside and you can finally have a moment of peace and quiet. But what I hate about this is the fact that I have to always use some tricks to also have light in the garden. I do not want to disturb the other family members, so I won’t use the porch light, so I need to use a lamp on batteries that run out rapidly. So I realized one day that I can use solar energy that is free and effective, providing enough energy for one hour without extra costs.

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The name of this decorative brick made of plastic is Let’s Edge It and it’s basically a brick made of plastic for outdoor use. The most amazing feature of this brick are the built-in solar lights that get charged during the day using the sun light and you can use this energy at night without any cost. These bricks can be arranged in a straight line or make out curves and other geometric shapes, depending on your inspiration. You can buy a set containing 24 bricks, 4 lighted bricks, 28 plastic connectors, and 2 end caps for just $39.95 and you will feel like Dorothy following the Yellow Brick Road to Oz.