Decorative Octopus Coral

When I go to large places I feel very tiny and insignificant, like a small ant in a big world. I do not like the feeling, but in those moments I get a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be small, but part of a bigger structure. Corals are like this: incredibly small organisms that look like a nice plant, but that “plant” is actually made of the skeletons of millions of tiny organism of corals. When they die they “freeze” in a certain shape and many times people just take them and display them in the house for decorative purposes.

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This beautiful Decorative Octopus Coral is actually called the Black Sun Coral and it is absolutely lovely. Its skeleton has a tubular structure and this makes it look like the end of an octopus arm, hence the name. Corals do have different colours and this one is creamy white, a bit unusual, but very nice to look at. Even if the coral is dead, it is considered still part of American wild life, so it can only be shipped within United States. It might be shipped abroad, too, but only if you have a special permit from the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Any way, this coral size sells at about $195, but you can place an order to bigger sizes, too, if you want.