Decorative Lighting – How And When To Use It

Decorative or accent lighting is often used when a certain architectural feature or a design element needs to be highlighted. It’s different from task lighting, its role being mainly aesthetic. It can be used as mood lighting and can take many different forms, depending the style, the space, its function and lots of other details.





Decorative LED lights are subtle and simple enough to be used in any room of the house. The bathroom, for example, would look very inviting with some LED lights around the mirror. The simplicity and versatility of these little things allows them to be used in lots of creative ways and in all sorts of spaces. Put them up on the ceiling to create a starry view, on the wall, mirror, etc.

Ceiling Led Lights

Cove lighting is an elegant solution for overhead ceiling lights and a way to create a warm and pleasant ambiance. In addition to that, this option also allows you to highlight beautiful architectural features such as an exposed brick or stone wall in this case.

Kitchen laquared design with LEd lights

Decorative lighting can even replace traditional ceiling fixtures altogether in some cases. When the décor is bright and open, when the windows are light or when skylights are present, a little bit of accent lighting is all the space needs to look beautiful and to be complete.

Living room Wall Light LED
In this case, the oak floor boards continue up the wall and end in a decorative light fixture designed to emphasize the warm color and texture of the material as well as the unusual combination and design strategy used here.

Living room design with led lighting system
Use cove lighting to outline a certain area on an open floor plan. For example, it can define the lounge area and signal its distinct function, making it stand out from other adjacent zones that are part of the same open space.

Office LED lights on the ceiling
A different use for cove lighting includes highlighting the design of the ceiling. It can have a sculptural look and the decorative lighting can frame it and enhance its intriguing pattern and overall design. It would also add a more modern touch to the whole space.

Built in spots with LED lights inside
Use decorative lighting to outline box shelves and to draw attention to the things displayed there. It’s an interesting idea if you choose to display your collections on shelves or if you simply want to highlight a beautiful sculpture or decoration.

Outdoor furniture with LED lights

When used outdoors, decorative lighting also becomes very practical and useful. For example, the space underneath an outdoor sectional can light up and this will eliminate the need for sconces and lamps. This stylish strategy can also be used for coffee tables and other furniture pieces.

Concrete Fence LED lights
Embedded LED light strips can also add a sculptural touch to otherwise simple features such as concrete blocks, outdoor benches and other things. Use them to make your garden stand out and to make the landscape more interesting. You can also use decorative lighting to give the trees on your property a dramatic look at night or to light up the pathway through the garden.