Decorative hourglass

Now you can see people wearing watches very seldom because we all have mobile phones and they can be set to display time when they are not used, do they can be pretty good replacements for the old-fashioned watches. Any way, before even the normal watch and the clock was invented, people measured time by using hourglasses. They measured a certain pre-determined amount of time and were used mainly as timers.

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These hourglasses can now be found in old shops who sell very old things and also can be very modern and be purchased in an art gallery in the middle of the city. Normally they are made of wood – I mean the old one, which were used somewhere in the eighteenth or nineteenth century. These are the genuine articles. But there are also modern homes who would be the perfect match by using a minimalist style and an hourglass made of metal which shines brightly.

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These beautiful hourglasses are mainly decorative now and they no longer serve their original purpose – that of measuring time for people. They are mostly decorative right now, or at least can measure a certain amount of time, but only for fun or to prove they still work because you would not follow all your activities based on how many times you have turned the hourglass.

Besides, they all look so nice and sometimes the sand inside is colored in a peculiar way just to look fine on your furniture.