Decorative DIY Snowman

It is chilly outside and I play a lot with my little daughter inside. She is at the age when she does her first steps and I am impatient to see her when we prepare the Christmas tree. I am imagining all those sparkling decorations and funny things that she will distract her attention and how she would like to catch them all in her hands. Since we need to play a lot, I have discovered that I can do some lovely Christmas decorations just by playing with some things.

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There are so many symbols of Christmas and winter and snowman is one of them. Recently I have seen an article which showed us how many things we can do using a sock and a decorative snowman was one of them. It is a really funny DIY project that even kids may do it. All the materials you need to have are: a sock, some beans or rice, some rubber band a marker or some buttons.

Now you can start by filling the sock with beans or rice, tie or use a rubber band for the first tier, and then repeat the process again and again if it is possible until you get a two or three tiered snowman. You can make its face with a marker or use some buttons or other items which can help you get a joyful face.{found on hubpages}