How To Customize Display Bowls And Even Make Them From Scratch

You can use bowls as decorations in a lot of beautiful ways. You can fill them with fruit, ornaments and lots of other cool stuff and they can even be used as decorations by themselves without needing any help. But finding a beautiful-looking bowl is not exactly easy. In fact, it’s a lot simpler and quicker to just decorate the bowl yourself or even to make it from scratch.

Bowl of shells

Curious how you can actually make a display bowl from scratch? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. You need a lot of nut shells. So go ahead and eat a lot of pistachios or some other type of nuts or find a different way to gather shells. In addition to those you’ll also need non-toxic glue. After you clean all the shells (you can boil them), find a mold you can use. Then mix the shells with a little bit of glue and push it all into the mold, giving it the desired shape. Let it all dry and then remove the bowl from the mold. Now you can display bowl made of nut shells. {found on instructables}.

Rope bowl

Another great look for a display bowl can be given by twine or rope. To achieve that look, take a transparent bowl like one made of glass or clear plastic and start wrapping and gluing thin rope around it. Start from the bottom and wrap all the way around.

Clay Bowls

You can make a display bowl from scratch if you use air dry clay. In fact, you can have a lot of fun making clay bowls and you can experiment with all sorts of designs, shapes and color combinations. Check out scjohnson for an interesting suggestion. The supplies needed include the clay, metallic paint, white acrylic paint, a bowl or cookie cutter, a rolling pin, sandpaper and something to use as a mold. Roll out the clay, cut out a circle, mold it into a bowl and let it dry. Sand the edges and paint the bowl white. Then paint the edges using metallic paint.

DIY footed display bowl

If you want to make stylish display bowls like the ones featured on sugarandcloth you’re going to need metallic gold spray paint, a circle cookie cutter, a glass terrarium and white sand and faux plants to put inside. Spray paint the cookie cutter gold and use it as a base for the glass terrarium. Then decorate it however you want.

Metalic bowl decor

If you already have a bowl and you just want to change its look, you can easily do that with paint. For example, let’s see how the metal bowl featured on thecraftables was decorated. To recreate the look you’ll need masking tape, thin paper, a measuring tape, metallic acrylic paint and, of course, a metal bowl. Place the bowl upside down and draw a design on it. You can either use a pencil and a paper stencil or tape. Either way, you’ll have to cover up some areas so you can then paint the desired design.

Painted porcelain bows

A simpler alternative is suggested on leighlaurelstudios. Here you can find out how to decorate your porcelain bowls with a porcelain paint pen. You can draw all sorts of cute things on the bowls, you can write messages, quotes or make geometric designs and patterns. Be creative and come up with your own idea.