Decorative Corner Shelf

In my opinion corners are not enough valued and exploited because everybody thinks they are very narrow spaces and do not use them for anything. But you can save space if you use them, especially if your home is small. So instead of covering a wall with shelves you can use aDecorative Corner Shelf and use the space in the corners for storing things on the shelves, for example books and also for displaying decorative objects like small statues or bowls, vases or coloured stones.

217603378I think that corner shelves are great and it’s a creative idea to use this space. Look at this wonderfully designed shelf and you will see my point. It is black and this looks great against the white walls. It is also wooden and the design is simple, yet bold: it zig-zags on the wall, placing a square black board on each side of the corner and links them with a nice shelf that is rounded on the edge. It is manufactured by Danya B. and you can have it for $19.28.