Decorating Your Staircase With Eye-Catching Artwork

For many homeowners the ability to decorate a staircase wall and adjacent landing and hallway areas can be exciting. It provides a blank slate for the home dweller to look at family portraits, beautiful artwork and more. While many homeowners find it a challenge to decorate an area that is at a changing angle with your eyes and still needs to keep a cohesive composition. Before you get discouraged, look at these helpful tips before you start decorating your staircase.

modern stairwell hanging photos
Enhance your stairs with artwork

Assess your staircase wall:

Depending on the size, width, and height of your stairwell and wall will help you determine what you can hang. For many homes that have a grand staircase or a monumental stair – you may have an absence of walls and the ceiling may become the opportunity to add a chandelier of artistic sculpture that hangs from the ceiling. While homes that have narrow stair well should look at picture frames that are proportioned to the wall. Large pictures can be intermingled with smaller ones as long as the eye doesn’t get distracted while walking up and down the stairs.

hallway framed artwork
Framed artwork with a unique composition

Choosing a composition style:

There are several styles you can choose from depending on how large your photos or artworks are to display. Choosing similar color and shape frames will create a pulled together composition. Look to similar colored mats around your images and line your pictures on the floor first before hanging on the wall. If your stairs are narrow, consider hanging fewer pictures to give a more airiness aesthetic to the users experience while using the stairs. For wider stairwells, especially ones with an intermediate landing, consider larger pictures or even an art sculpture to create a focal point on your wall.

hallway framed artwork traditional
Organize your favorite family portraits
grand staircase artwork
Gorgeous display of artwork on stairwell wall

Create a statement with your stairs:

For those of you, who consider your stairs a design or architectural element that enhances your interiors, look to ways to enhance it. Whether you add mirrors, paint the walls with an accent color, or embellish a window with window covering around your stairs, create a statement while still emphasizing your stairwell.  If you have a landing that has plenty of floor space, consider adding furniture, or even a seating area. Stairs are often looked at as a means to a way to travel from one floor to another but they can add so much more with the right decorative accents.

modern stairs landing display
Decorate your landing and surrounding stairwell areas

Your stairs are often the one element in your home that is forgotten, and with these helpful tips for decorating with eye-catching elements it can now take on a new personality. Assess your stairs and determine what it could use and how the surrounding walls, landing and window interplay with your stairwell. Every home is different, but every stair can always use some decorative accents to make it shine!

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