Decorating with Whites & Silvers: Ideas and Inspiration

Crisp and clean with a punch of glamour, there’s something quite luxurious about a white and silver pairing. From sparkly accents to straight-edged palettes, this combination create a timeless style with lots of  bold and bright flair. Whether it’s your master bedroom or the kitchen, these shades can sweep a room and transform it into something absolutely, knock-out gorgeous. Take a look!

1. Mantle Magic.

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Calming and ethereal, a mantle decked out in a simple white and some shabby silver pieces help to create a sharp and unique style. These colors make anything and everything look a bit richer and full of personality, but they also help to bring serenity to the space, even if it’s just a simple mantle design.

2. Modern Magic.

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These colors look quite magical in a modern, super clean style. Because of their crispness, a contemporary flair it’s only natural to decorate a sleek room with these sleek tones. If you’re kid and pet free, why not try out a white sofa and use silver-toned walls to make it pop. Or if you’re like me and accident prone, display your metallic coffee table and lamps by dressing the walls in white.

3. Vintage Magic.

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Just like gold, silver looks great in a vintage, Victorian scene. Gorgeous chairs outlines in a silver haze and shining chandeliers lighting the room. Then use white walls, bedding and carpets to create a clean slate. It’s a gorgeous way to decorate a room with a twist of old-age style.

4. Stainless Magic.

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Lots of stainless steel in a kitchen will create a very urban, organic look. And that’s perfectly okay for someone who likes a fresh and almost barren escape. Use white walls and countertops to create a contrast and if you want to add a pop of color, just pick your favorite to keep the simple theme. Maybe aqua? Maybe blush pink or even a sunshiney, light yellow?

5. Eclectic Magic.

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Use different styles and textures to create an eclectic escape and you can easily do that white whites and silvers. The great thing about using these colors with a funky theme is that it will never overpower a home. So even if you like to pair lots of outrageous designs, patterns and styles you can do it without taking things over-the-top. Just mixed fun chairs, wallpaper and maybe even a super creative piece of lighting to spark the decorating process.