Decorating With Pantone’s Color of the Year Part II: Serenity

It is a fact that blue is the most relaxing color. There is a reason that people feel better physically and emotionally when they are outdoors under a blue sky. So it makes sense that Pantone chose Serenity for it’s complimenting color of the year. The pastel shade of blue brings to mind cotton candy and little spring flowers and the touches of blue a bride wears on her wedding day.

Pantone serenity cover

But you should know that serenity isn’t just for weddings and state fairs. There are all kinds of ways to incorporate Pantone’s pick into your home decor. Check out these 10 tips for adding serenity to your home and ultimately adding to your relaxation.

Serenity paint

Grab your paintbrush because you are definitely going to want to go a little crazy with this color. Obviously the bedroom would be my first pick but this would also look lovely in your kitchen. (via Marie Claire Maison)

Serenity appliances color

Why stop at paint? If you’re ready to make a commitment to serenity, fill your kitchen with blue toned appliances. They’ll definitely be the eye catching piece while you cook. (via Sea of Atlas)

Serenity area rug midcentury decor

Area rugs are awesome, no matter what color they are. But in serenity, it will be like relaxing your feet on a glassy ocean after a long days work. Who wouldn’t want that? (via Brit + Co)

Serenity lighting

You probably didn’t think there was such a thing as serenity lighting. Think again! Hanging from the ceiling, the color definitely makes your chandelier or hanging pendant pop. (via Kitchen Studio of Naples)

Serenity sofa

Let me never forget to include the color matching sofa. Yes, just like the rose quartz velvet, you can have a serenity blue sofa in your living room. Just imagine all the cozy relaxing evenings you could be spending here. (via House of Turquoise)

Serenity backsplash tiles

If this isn’t the most perfect tile, I don’t know what is. The shade is perfect. The pattern is glorious. Excuse me while I install this in all the tiled places of my house. (via The Kitchn)

Serenity bedding

Serenity bedding just makes sense, don’t you think? Curling up with your favorite book under the most relaxing and rejuvenating color. But really, I was sold at bedding. (via Vogue Living)

Serenity painted furniture

Yes, you could buy this vanity pre-colored. But the real reason is to point out how amazing furniture looks in this shade. So decide on serenity for all your antique, in-need-of-a-makeover furniture. (via Decor Pad)

Serenity table linens

Don’t forget to take serenity to dinner. She will only help show off all your amazing table decor, as well as create a relaxing atmosphere for supper conversation. (via Brabbu)

Serenity nursery theme design

The person who designed this nursery was spot on. Serenity is a blue enough shade to be perfect for a little boy’s room, but pastel enough to compliment a little girl. Either way, you win. (via Style Me Pretty)