10 Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

When you think of mirrors, your mind probably goes immediately to the splattered mirror in your bathroom. Because every bathroom, big or small, has a mirror. But I’m here to tell you that mirrors don’t have to be besties with your bathtub. There are so many other ways to use them in your home like decorative mirrors. They provide interest and the illusion of space where there is none. Check out these 10 tips for decorating your whole home with mirrors.

empty wall mirrorView in gallery

Are you hemming and hawing over that empty wall in your home? Don’t you dare put together another gallery wall. Think outside of the frame and find yourself a large mirror to fill the space. It will make the room look bigger and brighter than the rest of your home. (via Domaine)

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Gallery walls should be full of interesting prints and funny family photos and the oddball set of tickets from your first date, but not everything in your display must be framed and matted. A small mirror can make a world of difference when you’re looking for that one piece to pull everything together. (via Sugar and Cloth)

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Washing dishes over a dark sink is, in my opinion, one of the worst things in the world. If the space above your sink is window-less, grab some light from other places in the room with a mirror! Whether it’s has frilly etchings or clean edges, it will make it easier to have a conversation with the guests sitting behind you. (via designsponge)

ornate mirrorsView in gallery

Bathrooms can be tricky things to decorate so it can be wise to start with your bathroom mirrors. Don’t settle for the cheapest, plainest reflective surface you can find. Go thrifting and get yourself a big pair of antique beauties that will steal the light and the show in your bathroom.

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Many people with high ceilings are afraid to hang much of anything because all that space can seem so daunting. It’s a good thing that mirrors come in such large sizes. Whether you buy one that stretches from floor to ceiling or you hoist an already large mirror onto a credenza, they make an simple solution to filling the empty corners. (via Apartment Therapy)

backsplash mirrorView in gallery

Looking to give your kitchen a serious makeover? Look no further. Replace your tiled backsplash (or blank wall!) with beautiful reflective mirrors. They promise to add tons of light to your space and be easy to clean when they get splattered. Genius? Absolutely. (via The Style Files)

gallery mirrorsView in gallery

Who says gallery walls are only for prints and photos? Not me! Start collecting all the small ornate mirrors you can find because you’re going to want to create this gallery of mirrors in your own home. You can hang them in your bathroom or in your hallway or even in your bedroom. Just spray paint the frames the same color and you’re good to go!

mirrored furnitureView in gallery

You’ve probably seen the mirrored furniture around, but it’s a great trend. All these pieces make such a unique look for any space you put them. Maybe you can only afford a side table or maybe you can buy the dresser. Either way, any small piece of mirrored furniture will make a big impact on the style of your room.

backyard mirrorView in gallery

Don’t be fooling yourself. Mirrors can go outside too. Especially when you have a very small backyard area, hanging a mirror on a fence or on the side of your home or even nailing it to tree can be a great way to create the illusion of lots of space. Will the looking glass reveal the other side of your backyard or a secret garden beyond the fence? (via Style At Home)

diy budget mirrorView in gallery

Budget buyers, don’t think I’ve left you out. If you are dying to have that large mirror but just don’t have the funds for it this month, DIY it. That’s right. Buy out the dollar store of their small compact mirrors and glue them together to create a large mirror that is an art piece as well. (via Thistlewood Farms)