Decorating With Mauve: Ideas & Inspiration

Mauve is a unique tone with lots of feminine appeal. Used less often than a plain purple or pink, mauve is a light combination of both with lots of rosey hints. It’s a sophisticated take on some of the more primary colors, used often in home decor. But when paired in the right ways and used on the right walls, mauve can create a warm, welcoming and stylishly chic space that’s original and personalized to you. Let’s look at some ideas and inspiration as I pinpoint some of my favorite combinations and accents when using mauve!

1. Modern touches.

Pink room design

Whether it’s a contemporary kitchen or suave living room,  mauve looks great confined to sleek edges and smooth surfaces. Paired with metallics, this color creates warmth and style in an incredible easy way. It’s never harsh on the eyes and meshes well with lots of futuristic accents and modern designs.

2. Eclectic spaces.

Pink room design

Mauve is such an inviting color and it looks great poured over an entire room with fun, eclectic touches. If your space is large enough to withstand a monochromatic style, then this may be the perfect color to inspire. The study, the home office or the craft room – mauve will be a surprising, comfortable color to opt for.

3. Mix with Chocolate.

Pink room design

I love the contemporary, chic looks of mauve and chocolate. This combination is perfect for a sophisticated, clean bedroom. The light mauve can dress the walls and rich, chocolate accents will fill the room. And this is perfect for any space of the house including: nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen!

4.Full of femininity.

Pink room design

There’s something about mauve that takes femininity to a whole different level. It’s almost like it’s a sexier version of your favorite pinks and purples. So, don’t be afraid to accent your space with mauve pieces. Walls, throw pillows, blankets, carpets, wall art – wherever you need the pop of color, this could be your new signature shade.

5. Deep Mauve & Blue.

Pink room design

With a thicker, deeper shade of mauve you can create a bit of a exotic escape. Paired with blues, this color brings unique pop, warmth to any space. Perfect for the great room, dining room or even a private reading nook this duo is such a cool, relaxing combination. Of course you can go with lighter shades to create more of a youthful experience but just remember those darker hues will create a sense of privacy and sensuality.