Decorating with green – tips and ideas

Green is such a beautiful color. It bursts with freshness and it’s a color usually associated with nature. In interior décor, green is not the most commonly encountered of shades but, when used properly, it can have an amazing effect. Any room can use a touch of green. You can use as a main color or as an accent color. In any case, it’s a very vibrant and dynamic shade that represents the element your décor needed to stand out. Next, we’ve selected a few very beautiful interiors featuring green details and we invite you to analyze them with us.

Green floors.

Exterior green door

One way of introducing a touch of green into your home is to use for the flooring. In this case, you no longer need other focal points and you can maintain a neutral décor for the rest of the room. It would be an unexpected splash of color that would make the whole room feel more dynamic and bold. Another similar option would be to opt for green rugs or carpets.

Green ceilings.

Exterior green door

Another interesting way of using green in interior décor is through the ceiling. A green ceiling would also be an unexpected feature that would instantly captivate the décor. You can also take the opportunity to create some beautiful contrasts by painting the walls white or by opting for an interesting chandelier or pendant light. In this living room, the slightly dark shade of green used for the ceiling interacts beautifully with the wooden floor and the golden walls.

Green sofa and curtains.

Exterior green door

In the case of this family area, the décor was kept very simple. The color palette only includes three colors. One of them and the most important of all is a crisp white. It was used for the walls, ceiling and for most of the furniture. The flooring has a dark stain while third color is green. It’s a very beautiful accent color, especially in combination with white. It was used for the sofa and curtains and the effect is refreshing and very chic.

Green in the kitchen.

Exterior green door

As we’ve already mentioned, green is a beautiful color that can be used in any room. We’re going to start now with a green kitchen. The décor is eclectic and green is one of the main colors. It almost infuses the whole space. A pale shade of green was used for the walls while a brighter tone was used for the backsplash, the work surfaces, the kitchen island top and also for the dining chairs that also introduce another very beautiful color into the décor: bleu ciel.

Green in the bedroom.

Exterior green door

Given the fact that the bedroom is a space designed for relaxation, that needs to feel calm and tranquil, strong shades of green are not the best choice in this case. However, a darker shade of green would be a lovely choice. Use it for accent details such as the curtains or the pillows and cushions. An accent wall or a portion of the wall featuring the same wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Green in the bathroom.

Exterior green door

In the bathroom, colors such as green and blue are always nice choices. Blue is reminiscent of water while green is very fresh and vibrant and thus a great color for this space. But this doesn’t mean you have to exaggerate when using it. A green accent walls or some accent features would be enough to make the room feel fresh and inviting.

Green living room accessories.

Exterior green door

The living is a social area and this allows it to have a décor that’s slightly dynamic and colorful. However, when you want to maintain an elegant look, you have to limit yourself to using strong colors with measure. A very elegant way of using green in the living room would be through accent details and accessories such as the cushions, the curtains, fresh plants and even some pieces of furniture.

Green entryway spaces.

Exterior green door

It’s always a good idea to opt for a dynamic décor for the entryway. It’s the pop of energy you and your guests need when entering the house. By using green, dynamism is ensured even without using this color in large quantities. For example, paint a wall green or add a touch of color to your stairway wall.

Green entry door.

Exterior green door

The entry door is often neglected and most people opt for neutral colors, most commonly black or white. However, the entry door can be the key to adding a touch of color to your home and to create a focal point for the façade. It’s a way of attracting attention and creating a dynamic first impression for your guests even before they enter your home.

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