Trend Spotter: Decorating with Fruit Prints

It’s a trend that we started seeing last summer and it’s still going strong. Pineapples started popping up everywhere and this summer, it’s expanded it’s fruity reign to watermelons and citrus fruit and just about any fruit you can think of. People are loving decorating with fruit prints. It can be so bright and cheerful as well as modern and summery. Take a look at these 12 places to put your fruit prints and get decorating!

pineapple wallpaper

Did you just swoon over this pineapple wallpaper? I kinda did. It’s pattern would make a perfect accent wall or if you’re super in love with the spiny fruit, cover a whole room in it. The color scheme says chic summertime while still incorporating the fruity trend. Now that’s not an easy task to accomplish! (via Hygge and West)

pineapple print

One of the easiest ways to decorate with fruit is to buy the prints. This large pineapple print promises to add a touch of warmth to any room and become a focal point above your couch. Can’t you just imagine this drawing all the attention in your gallery wall? (via Hard To Find)

watermelon bedding

Let’s not forget the bedroom. There is nothing as summery as watermelon, am I right? So trading out your winter flannel sheets for watermelon printed cotton ones seems like a good summertime trade. They’ll definitely bring a sense of fun into your bedroom. (via Vogue)

citrus tea towels

You know that we die for a good DIY, so we could resist this fruity project. Citrus printed tea towels are a super easy and affordable way to bring some fruit into your kitchen. Plus, you can use the bright colors above or make them in blue and green, depending on your kitchen’s color scheme. (via Making Home Base)

fruity pillows

Pillows pillows pillows. It’s definitely a good idea to have a set of throw pillows for every season. So if you’re thinking of refreshing yours for summer, let yourself fall in love with the pineapple and watermelon printed ones. They just scream at you to have a good sit in the A/C with your popsicle in hand. (via Anthology)

fruit cartoons

Even the kiddos can get in on this fruity trend! Find a few simple cartoon fruit prints like these and you’ll want to steal them for your own kitchen when the kids grow out of them. It fits the trend without being too busy. (via Poppytalk)

watermelon tray

While you’re carrying drinks and appetizers to and from your backyard party, you might as well carry them in style with this DIY watermelon tray. Not only will it make a great serving piece, it will also look great sitting on your picnic table. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

fruit magnets

When you get those vacation pictures printed, it’s important that they’re displayed with the appropriate summertime magnets. That’s where these fruity gems come into play. They’ll happily hold up your beachy photos and wedding invites… all year long. (via Homey Oh My)

clementine wall

Can’t really afford fruity wallpaper? Don’t despair. Grab a paint brush and make your own! This clementine stamped wall is the perfect project to keep you indoors on a hot day and it will become the favorite wall in your kitchen. (via A Beautiful Mess)

pineapple tablecloth

While we’re stamping, might as well stamp your table linens to match. Fruit-ify your napkins, tablecloths and runners to give the perfect summer background for all those delicious summer dishes you’ll be making. To liven things up, use some different colors that don’t necessarily correspond with the fruit, like the blue pineapples above. (via Anthology)

fruit print

If you’re going fruity, you might as well go all the way. This print not only incorporates the ever popular pineapples and watermelons, we’ve also got lemons and bananas and melon. It will make a great addition to any room in your house. (via Sugar and Cloth)

fruit mats

When your house is sufficiently fruity, greet your guests with a juicy slice too. These welcome mats are one simple DIY away from bringing summertime to your front porch. In fact, you’ll want to make one for your backdoor too. (via The House That Lars Built)