10 Tips and Tricks for Decorating with Evergreens

Decorating with evergreens during Christmastime is a tradition around the world. While many of you probably have a tree decked in lights and sparkles someplace in your house, your evergreen decor shouldn’t stop there. There are many places where adding some winter greenery can really help spruce up your house for the holidays. No pun intended. Check out these 10 tips and tricks for decorating with evergreens and you’ll be itching to get back to the tree farm for some more green!

Evergreen mantle garland

A mantle garland is probably a no brainer place to put a garland of evergreens. But if you don’t have a mantle, a garland like this will look amazing on top of a bookshelf or across a photo ledge. You can certainly get creative in your placement. Just at lights for a little extra bling. (via Emily A. Clark)

Evergreen staircase garland

First, if you have a bannister on your stairs, I envy you. Second, if you have a bannister on your stairs, upgrade that baby for the holidays with a nice long evergreen garland! My grandmother hangs ornaments between the spokes all the way up her stairs. Or you can go for bows… or lights… whatever fits your fancy. (via Nine and Sixteen Home)

Evergreen table decor

While your Christmas table probably has plenty of gold and red decor, I’m sure it could benefit from a little green. String some evergreen branches down the middle of the table for the best effect. (via Hostess With The Mostess)

Evergreen branch chandelier

There are some places in the house that are just hard to decorate for the holidays. Which is where evergreen branches come in. Use a nice big one to hang from the ceiling. You can leave it bare or hang ornaments from it. Either way, an evergreen chandelier promises to perk up any space in your home. (via One Kind Design)

Doorframe evergreen decor

This decor idea is probably my favorite. Hanging evergreen garlands with lights around the door frames in your home just feels like a down home holiday on the farm. It’s also a simple decorating trick with a big bang. (via Her Paperweight)

Evergreen wreaths

You probably already have an evergreen wreath on your front door and that’s a great place to start! Consider making some mini evergreen wreaths to sprinkle throughout your home. You can hang them in windows or add them to a gallery wall or decorate your kitchen cabinets for Christmas. (via One Kind Design)

Evergreen terrarium additions

Do you have terrariums in your home? If so, don’t leave them out of the Christmas decorating! Use some sprigs of evergreen and maybe a pinecone or two to make it look like a winter wonderland in a jar. (via Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures)

Evergreen branch vases

Wintertime means it’s time to put your fake flowers away. But you don’t have to store your jars and vases as well. Fill them with evergreen branches for a wintery look that you’ll be able to use in your spaces through March. (via Free People)

Evergreen advent calendar

Everyone has their Christmas traditions. Don’t be afraid to incorporate evergreens into yours. Make an evergreen advent calendar like this or stick some evergreen sprigs into your advent wreath. Suddenly your Christmas traditions just got a whole lot more festive. (via The Merrythought)

Evergreen windowbox decor

Don’t forget the outdoors! Window boxes can become your best friend during the winter months. Fill them with winter greenery and pinecones and berries and sparkly ornaments. Then you can take away the ornaments after Christmas and still have an awesome winter display. (via Black-Eyed Susan)