Decorating With Bold Black and White Stripes: Ideas & Inspiration

Black and white is a classic, timeless color combination. But when put into a funky, eclectic print, like stripes, this traditional pair becomes edgy and fashion-forward. On the walls, on the floors, themed or just accents – bold black and white stripes can do wonders for your home! Let’s take a look at some quick and easy ideas and inspiration before you start sprinkling these designs around your humble abode.

1. Accenting the living room.

Striped curtains

In a clean and tidy living room, all you need for some interest and depth is to add an amazing area rug. Covered in dramatic stripes your living room quickly goes from traditional to contemporary in a blink of an eye. Throw some patterned pillows on the sofa too for an edgy sparkle. Just don’t go overboard with it, because it’s the pop that makes the statement.

2. Papering the walls.

Striped curtains

If you’ve got the gusto to cover a wall in these thick and incredible stripes, then do it! It could be just an accent wall at the far end of a hallway, in the foyer or even in the guest bathroom! Guests will set there eyes on your bold decision and they won’t be able to stop staring. It’ll be like a new piece of art in the house. Of course, you can also DIY your own handmade stripes too.

3. Instead of the headboard.

Striped curtains

Switch out a boring, traditional headboard with this bit of pop and pizzazz. For a simple bedroom, a bit of bold stripes brings just enough style and personality to the space without straying from your love of sleek and chic decor. Besides, some horizontal stripes will only make the walls look wider, which means the illusion of more space! This can too be a great DIY project if you can’t find

4. Covering the furniture.

Striped curtains

For a real show-stopper, try out a piece of novelty furniture in the house. Whether it’s an accent chair in the bedroom or a sofa in the living room, it’ll be a funky and eclectic way to jazz up the space. It’s perfect for someone who needs extra sparkle for their home.

5. Dressing the windows.

Striped curtains

Adorn your windows with something magical. Open up the room and create an artistic flow by using stripes on the windows. It’s fresh and stylish, and completely unexpected dressings! We love it in a French-inspired space or one jumble with lots of different styles and colors!

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