How To Decorate With Bamboo And Rattan

Both bamboo and rattan are two green options you can choose when decorating your home. They can be used in a variety of ways and not just for furniture. They also come with another advantage: they’re inexpensive. To understand just how versatile and stylish these two materials can be, check out the following examples.


Bamboo garden modern touchView in gallery

Make a bamboo fence for your outdoor shower or for your lovely backyard deck/ patio. It has a tropical look and also offers privacy in a casual way.

Bamboo plants in your gardenView in gallery

Use bamboo to camouflage a wall or a fence. Space them out so they have room to grow. Although thin and skinny, the plants are not likely to go unnoticed.

Bamboo fence decorView in gallery

Build a bamboo fence for your garden. It will look awesome and it will make the rest of the plants look even more beautiful and fresh.

Bamboo table centerpieceView in gallery

Bamboo can be used in other more unusual ways as well. For example, look at this unique light fixture. Two candles flank the bamboo and they look amazing.

Bamboo flooringView in gallery

And don’t forget about bamboo floors. They have a unique texture and finish, not to mention a very beautiful color. A very refined option for any room of the house.

Bamboo shower dividerView in gallery

Instead of the usual glass wall or curtain to hide the shower, how about a bamboo divider? Along with a stone washbasin and the right colors, it contributes to a wonderful, tropical décor.

Bamboo wall dividerView in gallery

And speaking of room dividers, take a look at this sculptural design. It’s so great how the bamboo was used in this setting. It’s more of a showpiece than a functional element.


Modern rattan hanging chairsView in gallery

Usually when people think of rattan they actually think of outdoor furniture like armchairs, tables or hanging chairs. They’re all very popular and come in a variety of designs and styles.

Elegant black table with rattan chairsView in gallery

Rattan furniture can also be used indoors. These chairs give the dining room a very comfortable and inviting look.

Rattan for dining chairsView in gallery

Use rattan chairs to add warmth to a white décor like the kitchen for example. Very simple but very effective.

Rattan furniture for a beach inspired living roomView in gallery

Living room sofa couch from rattanView in gallery

If you want, you can decorate the living room with rattan furniture as well. A particularly nice look for a beach house or if you want something light and simple for the summer.

Diff rattan basketsView in gallery

Rattan fresh fish basketView in gallery

Rattan baskets are also very popular and great not just for storage. You can also use them as decorative elements or turn one into a tiny side table.

Handcrafted mugs with rattan weavingView in gallery

And we’ll finish with a very creative idea: give your favorite coffee mug a unique makeover with rattan weaving. It can also be a very nice save if the handle is broken for example.