Decorating With A Striped Rug: The Basics

Whether you’re aching for a bit of color and charm or you need something to enhance your color scheme and bring it to life, a striped rug is a quick way to give a room a fresh and updated look. Stripes are one of the best and most versatile patterns to work, decorate and design with and they’re incredibly functional and fashionable. So, why not use them on your floors? Let’s take a look at how quickly a striped rug can change the entire look and feel of any room in the house. And we’re just getting started here with the basics!

1. In the living room.

Striped black whiteView in gallery

The lines will add depth, the size will add pizazz and the width will add length to any room of any size … causing the space to look bigger. By sitting the rug directly under the coffee table, chair or even if it covers a huge chunk of the area; the stripes will act as a highlighter for any point of the room. It’s an immediate way to create a focal point.

2. In the bedroom.

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Striped rugs can also act as the missing piece to your subdued, mellow puzzle. Use them in the bedroom to finish off the room’s decor without missing a stylish beat.

3. In the dining room.

Striped dining roomView in gallery

Striped dining room1View in gallery

In a neutral, clean dining room all you need to big in a little pop is a rug that makes it all come together. Keeping the aesthetic of a smooth, chic room – a large rug that covers almost the entire floor space makes your table and chairs pop and the wall’s color come together. Same goes for if the stripes were just underneath the table. Against the clean floors and smooth lines of a table, stripes act as a catapult of design from the ground up.

4. In the kitchen.

Striped rug kitchenView in gallery

Add a bit of relaxed playfulness by dropping a striped rug in the kitchen. Use a thinner, longer rug to highlight an aisle or a wider one to rest at the foot of the sink. Either way it adds a pop of design, flair and even color to a clean kitchen.

5. In the office.

Office craft room striped rugView in gallery

Keep a clean palette in the workspace  but adding a striped rug will let you bring out a little personality. Use colors or textures, use multiple small ones or a large area rug and cover every inch of floor.