Decorating Your French Doors: A Bit of Help

French doors are a huge asset in a home. And depending on how you decide to decorate them, they can easily add character a pizzazz to its space and enhance the room around them. They create solace in a home office or reading room … or act as a friendly, warm welcoming to a family dining room.

You can coordinate them to match the rest of the house or you can make them stand out by adding some extra special decorating surprises.

Take a peek at these 4 decorating tips and ideas to use on your french doors!

1. Add some full-length drapes.

Living room curtain windows

Whether you want something neutral to blend into the background and keep it nice and sleek … or you want something a little over-the-top, full-length drapes are a super classy way to jazz up french doors. They add elegance and romance … or even a bit of eclecticism.

2. Paint them and leave them.

Living room curtain windows

If you like simplicity, pick out a great color and paint your doors. Then just leave them bare! There are no rules that you have to add something to those windows! Light will shine through and it’ll make your the space nice and welcoming.

3. Curtain can do it too!

Living room curtain windows

Want something more casual? Curtains are a great choice for french doors. If you don’t want the little ones getting caught in longer drapes or you just want a more laid-back feel, curtains may be right for you!

4. Shade them or blind them!

Living room curtain windows

For a more contemporary look use some shades! It’s another way to keep this sleek and clean … and stylish, of course!

Now maybe you want some french doors put into your home … where should you take the plunge? Here’s are some ideas and inspiration…

The kitchen…

Living room curtain windows

The space is perfection because the kitchen thrives off of natural light. Big or small, french doors will open up the room and add some beautiful brightness! Or if they don’t open to the outdoors … they’ll act as a privacy partition as you prepare dinner or eat with the family.

The bedroom…

Living room curtain windows

O the romance! French doors definitely add elegance and romance to a bedroom. You can see the sun shining during the day or the moon and the stars at night .. what more could you ask for?

The living room…

Living room curtain windows

Watch the kids through the door’s windows during the day and have the stars overcast family night in the evening. It’s also a place your guests will convene at so why not have some beautiful french doors to impress them with?