Decorating for Two: A Boys’ Bedroom

Decorating for two can be tricky and time consuming. From where to sleep to how to organize all the stuff, it takes some extra planning to make a shared space work. And it takes the extra planning to make it look good too! Today we’re talking about a boys’ bedroom for two. How do you make it work and stay stylish and cool for them to hang out in, play in and have friends over in?

1. Bunk beds!

Alcove kids beds

This is an absolute no brainer. Save the space with a set of amazing bunk beds. Traditional bunks are out and the funky ones are in. Horizontal and vertical pairs, Murphy beds galore … there are more ways than one to stack a comfy sleeping space. But allow your kiddos to dress the beds themselves. They don’t need their bedding to match each other, but instead, match their own personality!

2. Decide on a theme.

Alcove kids beds

Have your kiddos sit down together and make lists about what they like. They’re bound to figure out something that they both like, it could be sports or movies, music or outer space for that matter. Whatever they agree on, stick to it. The room can have a cohesive feel while still adding personal touches to their own spaces.

3. Unite it.

Alcove kids beds

If you decide to allow your boys to decorate each side of their room completely different, try to find something that can create a united look. Whether it’s a piece of bunting or movie posts hung on the walls. If you let them go too far outside-the-box the room may end up looking like a complete mess instead of a room designed for two!

4. Organizing is key.

Alcove kids beds

Shelves and drawers, labels and cubbies, organizing is key to happpy two-person bedroom. Things will quickly become chaotic without a sense of organization so make sure you provide enough essentials to make it happen. Everything should have its place and a certain spot so no one feels overwhelmed or frustrated.

5. Separate Spaces.

Alcove kids beds

If possible, give your kids some personal space. If it’s separate corners of the room or using a room divider, kids need their privacy just like adult. Get creative and try different things to see what works for the space and for your boys. This is an important element of planning the shared bedroom and it’s not right for your kids, no matter their age, not to be able to have their relaxed, alone downtime.