Decorating For A Not-So-Scary Halloween

Halloween is known to be the day of “all things spooky,” but it’s also a day to dress up, be silly and stuff your face with sugar-filled treats. So, just because your neighbors are going crazy decorating with fake blood, hundreds of dirty sheets and creepy mannequins … doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your house to be kid and family friendly. Have fun with the lighter side of Halloween. Use goofy pumpkins, friendly ghosts and lots and lots of mini candies of course!!

For all of you who need  a little bit of  not-so-scary Halloween decoration inspiration, today is your lucky day. Take a look at all of our wonderful, less spooky more cooky ideas!

1. Sprinkle about some leaf-like ghosts.

Welcome floor mat

Create some of these adorable leaf ghosts by using real or plastic leaves. Sprinkle them about the house to give a fall feel with a little punch of Halloween thrown in!

2. Glow-in-the-dark ghosts.

Welcome floor mat

Fun to do with the kids and a super cheap way to decorate the front door, grab some glow-in-the-dark balloons and a sharpie to create these little cuties. Make silly ghost faces and greet all your guests with a friendly “Boo!”

3. Cooky signs in the yard.

Welcome floor mat

Another fun way to DIY and keep your Halloween friendly, create these cooky signs to fill the yard. Make up fun phrases or use some of the original like “Trick or Treat,” “Boo!” “Beware” and “Happy Halloween!”

4. Stylish pumpkins.

Welcome floor mat

You can always use your pumpkin decorating skills for good and not evil! Use ribbons, bows, googly eyes and sparkles to ring in the Halloween spirit without getting creepy! Think style instead of fright this year.

5. Adorable doors.

Welcome floor mat

Decorate your door so all the kiddos will want to stop by! This simple DIY is not only adorable but quintessential Halloween! You could also make a ghost’s face, witch’s face or even a vampire!

6. A lacey wreath.

Welcome floor mat

Another stylish way to ignite your Halloween flair, create a fashionable wreath! Use this DIY to create a lacey little number for your door without giving anyone the creeps!

7. Black cats everywhere.

Welcome floor mat

Black cats are another Halloween staple. Use paper to create catty silhouettes to hang around the house or even in the windows!

8. Wizard of Oz – ish.

Welcome floor mat

Take an idea straight from the Wizard of Oz and create something similar for under a welcome mat or even under the couch! Use this tutorial to give everyone a little chuckle.