Decorating & Adorning The House With Bows: Ideas & Inspiration

It’s a quintessential symbol of femininity and it’s a dainty little piece of sparkle that can top off and finish any design. From banisters to organizational boxes tucked away in the closet. And you’d be surprised what a bit of ribbon or twine could do to such a small space. Check out some real-life examples of just how big of a transformation some pretty bows can do! Sit back, relax and be inspired by some simple and unique ways to decorate with bows.

1. Tie back the curtains.

Bow pillow

For extra girly charm in the nursery or tied with a shoelace for an eclectic look in your home office, bows are perfect for finishing off the window dressings. The bow gives extra oomph for when you need to tie back the curtains and let in all that beautiful, natural light. Use twine, rope, ribbon or fabric scraps depending on the genre of decor you love!

2. Sprinkle some on the fences.

Bow pillow

Have you ever thought of sprucing up the fences around the house? Whether it’s a welcome into the garden or right up next to the mailbox, sometimes it’s nice to do something unexpected and easy! Buy some dainty bow garland or create some bows yourself to attach to the fence.

3. Hanging up the photos.

Bow pillow

It could be your family photos or your favorite piece of art. Instead of using a nail and hammer, grab some ribbon and a hook and hang them like so. It’s a youthful, different take on the average hang up and even a novice crafter or DIY-er can get it done in a breeze.

4. Placed on a lampshade.

Bow pillow

Most of the time, our lampshades are monochromatic and dull. Why not add a bit of extra style by adding a bow, here or there. Depending on the theme of your room, depends on the type of bow and what fabrics to use. Take this tuxedo-esque lampshade for example, which would be perfect for a contemporary bedroom or foyer.

5. Attached to a pillow.

Bow pillow

Take a simple, striped throw pillow and add a bow! Instantly it’s more fashion-forward, stylish and an actual piece of decor for the house! And you can do this to any pillow you need! Whether it’s on the slipper chair in the foyer, on the bed in the guest bedrooms or the sofa in the family room. It’s just another easy project that goes a long way!

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