Decorating A Stylish & Comfy Movie Room

Decorating a  movie room can be a lot of fun. It’s the grown-up version of a child’s playroom. Home theaters are great for family get-togethers and just a place to spend a little extra time together, it’s a place to store all your electronic gadgets and sometimes even have a little personal relaxation to yourself. Of course we want even your movie room to have style and pizzazz, but there are certain elements you must consider when decorating a movie room to amp of the relaxation and still breathe life into the space. So, here are some tips to get your vision and decorating started.

1. Decide on your vision.

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Every space needs a vision and a theme. Whether you decide to go modern, eclectic or vintage movie madness …. think about what you’d like to have as a finished product before you start to decorate!

2. Paint your walls.

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Because a movie room is all about rest and relaxation, you want your walls painted. Bright whites and other flashier shades aren’t conducive to a soothing place to spend your down-time. Try painting the walls darker shades of grey, blues and or even purples for optimum movie viewing quality.

3. Organization lessens chaos.

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You must find a way to organize your movies, CDs, games … everything! There are a lot of different, fun ways to do this but keeping your movie room neat and tidy is an absolute must.

4. Have fun with accents.

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Use director’s chairs, old film cameras and popcorn machines to play up the movie feel. There are so many different ways to incorporate these accents. Just use your imagination and have fun with it all.

5. Don’t forget the movie posters.

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You can always find a movie poster to fit your theme. Use vintage, classic films for a vintage theme. Use blockbuster action films for a more masculine feel. Just don’t forget to add a poster or two in the mix!

6. Add a lot of comfies.

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Blankets, floor pillows, throws and more! Add a lot of cushion and comfort to your space. Napping, cuddling and a lot of resting will be done in this room so make sure you’ve provided a lot of comfies to the room.

7. Black-out curtains are key.

For ample viewing, you must get some type of black-out curtain to put over the windows. So many times we watch movies at home and light bursts in the TV ruin the view!

8. Seat everyone.

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Really think about how you want your seating to be and think about how many people need to have a seat. Make sure you aren’t cluttering your space either, then all style is lost. Find furniture that can seat a lot of people comfortable .. with cup holders is always nice too!

Here are some more amazing movie rooms for inspiration!

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