Decorating A Peach Bathroom: Ideas & Inspiration

Peach is subtle. Peach is simple. And it’s perfectly acceptable to dress your entire bathroom in. Versatile for beautiful, feminine spaces, peach tones can enhance a rustic-inspired powder room or a large, Victorian and luxurious space. A soft palette mixed with bolder colors, or even a classier finish paired with some golds. This washed out pink works incredibly well in a variety of dainty ways and as a foundation to any size bathroom. Let takes a look at some ideas and inspiration that can help you to create a pretty peach bathroom for your own house!

Mural bathroom

My favorite way to utilize a peach shade? Complimenting a Victorian-style bathroom. Outlined in vibrant golds and beautiful designs, peach is the perfect color to complete an old-age, ritzy look. Add some floral prints or some beautiful pieces of art to help create the style, but don’t forget to add some of those vivacious and sparkling metallic shades. And chandeliers work great with this theme too, especially when it highlights your peach foundation.

Bathroom design2

Since peach isn’t the most popular color to decorate with, only because it’s not thought of as the trendiest of colors, it gives any room a unique look. So, utilize that! Use peach to create a funky, eclectic bathroom. An artsy sink, textured walls and a mix of browns, grays and bold peach will turn a simple bathroom into something not only a bit girly and flirtatious but a little daring too!

Traditional bathroom design

Peach is also a fun accent color. Highlight a powdery blue bathroom or even a bright, sunshiney yellow escape. It’s a color that can outline a space in a subtle way that enhances the room’s foundation and creates a conclusive look. Use peach towels, carpets, toothbrush holders and maybe even a shower curtain. You can’t go wrong if you decide to use this color because it’s not something that can overtake a space and ruin your vision.

Modern bathtub

Classic bathroom

It’s also a color that can help to make a clean, crisp space. It adds a hint of color to create some style but for those who like an elegant, simple look then use a light peach on the walls and accent everything else is creams and whites. Of course you can add a small, printed polka-dot tile for some extra fashion or even some pretty printed towels for extra oomph. Peach adds a freshness to the bathroom that’s not only cheery but a bit sleek and chic too, which is perfect for those that love a modern, contemporary house.

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