Decorating A Hunter Green Living Room

There is something really powerful and comforting about a deep, hunter green. Especially since green represents power, life and nature. It’s a very comforting color to surround yourself with.

It’s warm and inviting but, at the same time, very regal and sophisticated. Or maybe I love hunter green because I grew up with a huge, green comfy couch in our very comfortable, homey living room. Either way, hunter green is an amazing color to decorate with … especially in those relaxing family rooms. So, feeling up to redecorating or looking for ideas to transform your living room? Take a look at our tips and ideas on how to decorate using hunter green!

1. Hunter Green On Just The Walls.

Contemporary living room

Create something warm and sophisticated by just painting the walls. Use this shade only on the walls and use complimentary colors in cool shades to down play the walls to make the space inviting and livable. Purple works really well with green and neutral furniture plays off the richness of the deep hue.

2. A Hunter Green Focal Point.

Contemporary living room

Find a piece of furniture to be the focal point of the entire room … and make it dark green. Green is a powerful, nurturing color and this will fill the entire room with that same feeling. If you add something texture, like velvet or leather, it’ll create even more of a design element.

3. Pair Hunter Green With Golden Things.

Contemporary living room

To really create something magical and regal in your living room, pair your hunter green furniture or walls with golden elements. You’ll feel some Victorian, vintage vibes by decorating with these richer tones and by adding a pop of creamy neutrals too.

4. Add A Bit Of Crazy Elements With Your Hunter Green Base.

Contemporary living room

Use hunter green as your foundation, then layer it up! Use funky pieces of furniture and wall decor. Use different patterns and textures for your accessories. Using an earth tone like this dark green hue will set the tone for an eclectic feel and give you a lot of versatility in your design scheme.

5. Use A Hunter Green Couch.

Contemporary living room

Find a couch in a beautiful shade of hunter green and there’s not way you won’t want to take a midday nap … everyday! It’s inviting and pops in the room if you’ve used something creamy and natural on the walls! It is a beautiful little spot of “green” life.