Decorating A Home Gym In A Contemporary Style

Because exercise has proven physical and psychological benefits a trip to the gym has become part of a weekly routine for many of us. Home gyms are preferable because they are at hand 24 hours a day, meaning you can access the equipment you want to work with at exactly the time that suits you. Some home gyms are little more than a pile of weights stored in a garage space. Get the most out of your gymnasium by decorating it in a chic and contemporary style that you might find in a high class hotel. Even if you don’t have a budget for all the equipment you want at first, using a décor that is up to date will make you feel like the gym is as good a place to hang out as your living room.

Reflecting The Right Image.

Gym corner

Take inspiration from professionally designed gyms. What works in a membership gym or a hotel is likely to work for a home gym, too. Install plenty of mirrors to make the gym as light and airy as possible. Floor to ceiling mirrors are best, particularly if your gym is in the basement with no natural light. Having the odd mirror around can help motivate you to exercise and push a little harder during your work outs.


Gym corner

Specialist gym flooring is available from a wide range of suppliers and it is worth checking out the options. Some gym equipment is heavy so make sure the structure beneath the floor is sound. Wooden sprung flooring is relatively expensive, but ideal if you want to use the room for dance work outs or ball games. Rubberized flooring is a good mid-priced option as it can be self installed. Most systems have interlocking tiles or a simply laid out from a roll. Carpeting your gym is not ideal in all situations, but you might want to consider it if noise spill is an issue in your home.

Multi Sports Use.

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Contemporary gyms are not just about fitness machines and dumb bells. Sure, you will want a space set aside for those elements, but a gym should reflect your personality and have space for the sports you are interested in. Set aside part of the gym for a climbing wall or install a soccer goal to hone your shooting practice. A good use for a gym in winter is to have an area where you can practice, and perfect, your golf swing.

Gym Equipment.

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Fitness equipment is usually arranged in rows in a gym and, unless the available space makes it impossible, it is best to stick to this arrangement. Set up a television set facing the fitness machines so you can while away a session with your favorite shows. If you are unsure what gear to purchase, go for a running machine and a cross trainer to begin with. Opt for a single manufacturer, if you can, to help keep a consistent look in your home gym.

Plunge Pools.

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Pools make the perfect accompaniment to home gyms. If you are able to do so, set your gym in close proximity to your plunge pool. A great design idea is to have your gym overlook the pool through internal glazing, so they are connected but separated. Whilst your gym may be a busy place keep your swimming area as serene as possible.

Sliding Doors.

Gym corner

When kitting out a gym in a contemporary style, it is worth thinking about access. Gym sliding doors are on trend and have the additional benefit of saving space for your equipment, compared with conventional doors. They offer flexibility and privacy, if you want it. If your gym faces the outside, sliding doors are ideal for regulating airflow during a work out and can make you feel at one with nature, as if you are exercising outdoors.

Make The Most Of Your Space.

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Not every home has the space readily available for a home gym. If you don’t have a spare room ready to convert, it is possible to make a contemporary feeling gym in a variety of places if you use the right décor. Consider an out house or a garage as a suitable location. If you have a basement, these can make ideal gyms. Even the corner of a corridor can make a home for a mini-gym. Set up a screen and a small air conditioning unit and you will have a flying start.

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