Decorating A French Nursery Room

When it comes to the children’s rooms, these French nurseries are for sure a good alternative to the old classic full of toys rooms.

Basically, the French nurseries are designed and decorated depending directly of the needs of the children from that room. Though, all of them meet the same characteristics: they are decorated in soft colors, the furniture is at a small scale, the number of toys is reduced and the storage space is strictly reduced according to the needs of the babies.

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A classic French nursery is decorated mostly with a bed or two, some baskets for the toys and a place for depositing clothes and toys. Certain accessories like pink/light blue curtains or wooden toys can also be added, but just for décor, as they will be of no use to the infants.

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As well, a shelf with bed time stories and even a small night light on one of the closets can be placed, in order to fill a little bit more the room, and it should be enough in order not to ruin a French nursery.