Decorating A Bohemian Home: Ideas and Inspiration

Eclecticism, different, mixing and matching, romance, whimsy, worldly, cultures. These are all worlds that describe the bohemian lifestyle. Dressing your home to fit these measurements is anything but boring. It’s  fashion-forward, relaxed, cozy and very, very stylish genre of decorating. And we’re here to provide you some ideas and inspiration to get you started on your journey to a bohemian-flavored home. Have fun with beads, scarves, patterns and prints, colorful palettes mixed with soft tones and lots of nature-inspired accessories.

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The biggest key to decorating with bohemian flair is to mix and match patterns. Give yourself a lot of time to think about what you like. Do you like stripes, colorful patterns, worldly looks, lots of vintages pieces? Whatever you decide on, decide on more than one! The best way to bring in that cool, unique vibe is to mix things up a bit. Don’t be too matchy matchy because if you do your job right, all those things that don’t seem to “go together’ end up perfectly matched.

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You want to make your corners and nooks look layers. It gives off the hipper chic feel. Layers feel cozy and relaxed. By using a mash-up of prints, patterns and colors and layering them on beds, windows and even the couches and floors you create a look and feel of bohemian. Use pillows, blankets, throws, two different pairs of curtains and small accessories to make an atmosphere.

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Bold colors are another key feature of bohemian decor. Don’t be scared to use colors like cranberry reds and peacocks blues together with softer tones like blush pinks and mint greens. Set off the dramatic tones with subtle neutrals that still has spark and a pinch of color to them unlike the normal whites, off whites and creams. Use a sandy brown or the palest lavender as your foundation to compliment emerald greens and sunshine-y yellows.

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And finally, let’s discuss a bit about the importance of wall art. Cluster photos on a playful space on the wall, gather up unique nick-nacks and line them up on the windowsill, use feathers and branches in a vase to add some outside inspiration. Be different, creative and out-of-the-box. Gold candelabras filled with colorful candles, scarves as table runners and a small bamboo plant hidden in the kitchen. Use everything and anything you love to decorate your home!